When To Use Buttons

02. March 2017 · Time to Read: 1 MinCategory: Accessibility

When to use a button is often confusing for beginners and advanced HTML authors alike. The confusion is made worse by the many different types of buttons that you can use and personal preferences.

Buttons :


<button type="submit">Submit button</button>

Input Buttons :

<input type="button" value="Input button">

<input type="submit" value="Input submit button">

When do you use a button?

You can use a <button> inside a <form>, as it will behave exactly like a <button type="submit">Submit button</button>. The button element was introduced to HTML as an alternative to inputs as they are easier to style. By default, a buttons type is set to submit like so <button type="submit">Submit button</button>.

When you have an action on the page and you need an element to trigger that action, rather than using an empty link, use a <button>. If you need to link somewhere, say to another page or a website use <a href="#"></a> but for everything else, both <button> and <input> are perfectly valid so which you choose is down to personal preference and is less about semantics at this point.


There are styling differences between buttons and inputs but I suggest you read this presentation from Nick Cowie for more information on that.

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