How to Ruin An Experience

06. January 2017 · Time to Read: 2 MinCategory: User Experience

I've recently noticed that as a front end developer, i'm liking working with the web much more but as a user, I am constantly irritated by a lack of attention to detail and can see where users were not considered.

Here is a list of some annoyances I have with todays web:

  • Scroll Hijacking. Never do this. Why would you even? It doesn't work and means users will miss some of your content. I use a track pad and I have lost count of how many times I have scrolled right past some content.
  • Hiding UI behind hover states. (HELLO TOUCH?) You can't hover with a finger. It's not difficult to bind states.
  • Difficult Online Forms. Inline validation isn't hard. Asking me for every detail about my life is over intrusive. What are you doing with these details exactly? Keep it simple.
  • Overcommercialisation of the Web. Pop ups, Pop ups everywhere!
  • Playing videos automatically. OMG I am at work and now everyone knows I am watching kitty videos.
  • Playing music automatically. Nobody needs to hear how bad some of the music I listen to is.
  • Bad Performance. Oh you like to show 2mb pretty images. Thanks. Oh wait, I can't see them as your website is taking 2 minutes to load. Bye.
  • Hamburger nav. I just want to see where I might go but you've stolen this decision from me and made it that little bit harder to find where I might want to go. And now I am leaving your website forever. Stop hiding everything.
  • Rubbish breakpoints. Oh you've gone responsive? That's great! Oh wait, you didn't check my particular resolution and created breakpoints based on popular devices? Not so great.
  • jQuery Mobile. Absolutely nothing else to say.
  • Light grey text on white background. I hate this. I seriously hate this and the designers that do this. You are destroying my eye sight.
  • Centre aligning text everywhere. Yeah not reading that content.
  • Massive line length. I hate this one too. Absolutely killing my eyes and gives me a massive headache from eye strain.
  • Social media icons everywhere! Stop begging to be liked. Stopping begging to be followed. It's weird.
  • Unskippable ads. This isn't cool at all. Do you not want people to visit your website?
  • Homepage carousels. There is so much more you could do with this valuable real estate.
  • Captchas. The lazy developers dream but every users nightmare. Stop using them.

I am irritated an awful lot on the web these days and I feel like my irritations are usually a lack of attention to detail or lack of funds. Neither is a very good excuse to making your websites difficult and annoying to use. Fight for the user.

You might be thinking that a lot of these issues are purely personal preferences and certainly some are but I bet if you asked your users what irritates them about your website, some of these will appear.

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